Mileage Map Visualize flight mileage and required mileage of your own flight routes on the map!

  1. Mileage Map

"How much mileage can be added through my original routes?", "where can I go using saved mileage?"

You can solve those questions using our "Mileage Map" with interactive maps. Currently, over 500 airports and about 2,000 flights are included. We will add more airports and flights later.

It is possible to check the miles accumulated during the flight in the Flight Mileage Map!

Examples of flights from Narita Airport to Beijing / Naha Airport / New Chitose Airport and arriving at Kansai International Airport

The above shows that the flight mileage earned is 4,528 miles when using a flight from Narita Airport to Beijing International Airport / Naha Airport / New Chitose Airport and arriving at Kansai International Airport. %in the case of).

First select the airport of departure

When you open the Flight Mileage Map, airports and flight information around the world are visualized and displayed. Zoom in to locate the airport and select the airport you plan to leave first.

The image when you open the Flight Mileage Map

Select an airport with a direct flight

When you select a departure location, only airports and flight tracks for which direct flights are set will be displayed. Please select a stopover or destination from those airports. The image below shows the map when Kansai International Airport is selected as the departure point.


If you cannot find a stopover or destination, you can select the first airport again by selecting the airport you originally selected or by pressing the reset button.

Check mileage information for the selected flight

When a flight is selected, the number of miles that can be acquired is displayed as the accumulated mileage. In the example below, 813 miles can be earned when departing from Kansai International Airport and arriving at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

If you select from Kansai International Airport and arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, 813 mileage will be displayed

However, please note that the mileage for one way is calculated at 100% accrual rate. In addition, flight miles may be changed suddenly by the airline, so we would appreciate your understanding that we cannot guarantee accuracy on this site.

You can find out how many miles you need to earn award tickets on the required mileage map!

Required mileage map

Once you open the required mileage map, you can select as many airports as you would a flight mileage map. Of these, it is possible to display the number of miles required for award tickets between cities connected by a purple line. Then, if it is compatible with award tickets, the required mileage for using ANA Mileage Club and JAL Mileage Bank will be displayed in the upper left.

At this time, please note that the required mileage is shown only for economy flights round trip.