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Flight mileage and required mileage of flight to / from Osaka?International Airport -?Itami Airport(ITM)

Country :JAPAN

City :Osaka

Osaka?International Airport -?Itami Airport

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The number of flight miles refers to the miles earned by direct flights with a one-way / 100% accrual rate.

Flight miles may be reviewed irregularly by each airline. This site also reflects the latest information from time to time, but it may not always be accurate, so we appreciate your understanding.

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CountryCityIATA CodeAirportFlight mileage
JAPANTokyoHNDTokyo International Airport (Haneda)280
TokyoNRTNarita International Airport280
ChitoseCTSNew?Chitose Airport666
FukuokaFUKFukuoka Airport287
NahaOKANaha Airport739