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How to earn mileage?

People often think that “miles can be earned on a plane”, but that's not all! It is possible to save in a number of ways other than taking an airplane. Rather, there are people who can earn miles without taking a plane at all. In this article, I would like to introduce how to earn miles.

Also, if you want to earn miles but have not yet joined the mileage program, please consider the program you want to join by Mileage program comparison.

Earn flight mileage on an airplane

First of all, we will introduce how to earn miles using “Flight Miles”, the royal way to earn miles. Miles will be accumulated according to the distance (mileage) from the departure point to the destination, but the mileage earned will vary depending on the booking class and which region the flight is between. In other words, it is possible to accumulate miles efficiently by making a reservation after knowing the conditions for obtaining more miles!

Choose a booking class with a better accrual rate

Flight miles are calculated by multiplying the number of miles based on the boarding section and the accrual rate determined by the “reservation class” represented by a single letter. The accrual rate is determined by each mileage program, including partner airlines.

For example, the flight mileage between Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and John F. Kennedy International Airport is 6,723 miles if it's 100% accural rate and one-way flight. If the accrual rate is 50%, the flight miles you can earn are 3,362 miles.

The higher the accrual rate possible, the more flight miles you can earn, while the higher the accrual rate, the higher the price. Therefore, it is important to plan to earn miles according to your budget.

Be aware of flights with better conversion rates

Not only the accrual rate, but also the mileage conversion rate of the flight itself varies depending on the flight. ANA and JAL both have double the conversion rate for domestic flights and 1.5 times for Asia / Oceania flights. Therefore, using domestic flights and Asia / Oceania flights that are as long as possible will enable you to earn more miles and be a shortcut for becoming a senior member.

Become a senior member and add your flight bonus mileage accrual rate

In addition, you can earn flight bonus miles when you become a senior member. In the ANA Diamond Class and JMB Diamond, which are the highest status, the flight bonus mileage accrual rate exceeds 100%. It's too profitable to get more than 2 times miles with just one flight!

Get miles for the campaign!

Miles may be earned if conditions such as “achieve 5 domestic flights designated within the period” are met. Since it is often held irregularly, please check the information of each frequent flyer program.

Earn miles without taking a plane

You can earn miles even if you are not flying. Rather, there are “land miler” people who can earn miles without riding at all. Here, we will introduce how to save miles that you can't ride on an airplane.

Earn mileage in the mileage program

Here, it is assumed that a credit card associated with the frequent flyer program has been issued. If you have issued a mileage program card without a credit card function, please see “Replacing points earned outside the mileage program” below.

Miles earned when renewing a card

With an ANA card, you can earn 1,000 miles with a regular card every year as a bonus mileage. With ANA Card Premium, you can get 10,000 miles. You can get a lot of miles just by renewing, so you can get a good deal. Please note that annual fees will be charged after the first year.

Earn by everyday shopping

Mileage Club cards with a credit card function can be used to earn miles just by using them for everyday shopping. Accurately, as credit points are earned, there are differences in commissions and card conversion rates at the time of transition, but considering the value when using miles, it is a means of accumulating valid miles.

Earn when using partner services

You can earn miles by entering the membership number of each mileage program when using the various services that the mileage program is affiliated with. If you look for a place where you can save miles, such as a hotel or a rental car when traveling, you should be collecting more and more!

Redeem points earned outside the mileage program

Use another company's credit card

How to earn miles with a credit card is not limited to those associated with a frequent flyer program. You can earn miles by exchanging the points you earn when paying each credit card with miles for each frequent flyer program. However, depending on the conversion rate, it may be advantageous to use the points as they are, so please be careful about the conversion rate.

Use points earned when shopping and registering on the point site

There is a “point site” where you can get points just by going through before you shop or register as a member of the site. The point site also offers many exchanges for other points, so you can exchange the points you earn for each mileage program mileage.


In this article, we introduced how to collect various miles. Even if you don't have many opportunities to take a plane and don't earn miles, it's not a dream to become a “land miler” by using the method you introduced to earn miles!