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There is no point in just accumulating! How to use miles for better use

“I earned miles while I was on the plane at work, but I do n’t know how to use it,” who is very disappointed! Considering the price of a regular ticket purchase, it can be worth 2 yen per mile, or 10 yen if successful. I would like to show you how to use such miles better in this article.

If you want to earn more mileage, check How to save mileage?.

Used to book award tickets

This is the royal road to use miles. There is a tendency that the closer the date of booking, the closer to the scheduled date of arrival, the higher the price will be.・ There are fluctuations in required mileage such as low season). Therefore, it is possible to get a free ticket by spending the miles you have accumulated, even if the ticket is originally expensive. However, please be aware that international flights are often subject to airport tax or fuel surcharge.

If you can book a high ticket with an award ticket, the value per mile may jump. Especially for first class award tickets, it is worth more than 10 yen per mile.

Use for boarding class upgrades

Do you have any concerns about the service and seat size of your already booked flights and want to upgrade your boarding class? You can use your miles at such times. Depending on whether or not you have an upgradeable reservation, you can use the miles to achieve your desired boarding class. However, please note that even if you can upgrade from Economy to Business Class, you cannot upgrade from Economy to First Class all at once.

Used for family and acquaintance lounge use

Have you ever been away from a waiting time on an airplane or spent time at a restaurant in an airport even though you can use the lounge? By using miles in such situations, you can enter the lounge with your travel companion.

Exchange for SKY coins and e JAL points

Even if the mileage cannot be used even with the methods introduced so far, you can convert 1 coin and 1 point equivalent to 1 yen when you make a flight ticket reservation by converting to mileage program original coins and points It can be reduced. This is an effective method when you have a lot of award ticket reservations, but want to make a regular reservation cheaper.


In this article, we introduced how to use miles. If you have earned miles but are not familiar with them, make sure to use your miles effectively with the methods introduced!